Security and Fire Alarm Engineers Wanted

These days it pays to be safe. For the security and fire alarm installation and maintenance industry business is booming as the demand for greater security is on an increasingly upward curve. Whether it is for business premises, public buildings or private residences, more and more the owners have to fit alarm systems to satisfy both the terms handed down from their insurance companies, or their own personal assurance.

Given that this is such a growth industry, firms in this sector are crying out for qualified engineers to recruit in order to meet demand. The problem is there appears to be a shortage of suitable candidates, and the gap is widening. People are applying for the jobs as advertised on the Security Fire Recruitment website,, but it seems many of those applicants are lacking in the necessary qualifications and experience that employers are looking for. This is, after all, a specialised job and the customers are entrusting their personal safety, and that of their property, to the person fitting and maintaining their alarm systems.

You can now get City and Guilds qualifications up to level three in fire and security alarm systems: Certificate in Knowledge of Electronic Security and Emergency Systems. Obtaining this qualification should be the first thing any prospective candidate should consider before embarking on a career in this industry. On top of that one should serve their time in gaining experience, there is no substitute for that and, as many an engineer will tell you, in this job every day is a school day.

A career in security and fire alarm installation and maintenance is a rewarding one. Apart from the generous remuneration packages being offered, the hours are kind too. It is usually a nine to five job, with overtime in the evenings and weekends there if you want it. Why nine to five? Remember you will very often be working on business premises so you will be working within their operating hours. You will have the opportunity to travel around the country and sometimes abroad. Every day could be a different one in terms of working environment. The job is an interesting one, giving you responsibility, presenting you with a chance to use your problem-solving skills and a chance to think on your feet. Oh, and did I mention the money’s good?

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Posted on Tuesday Oct 27