Senior Fire Protection Consultant, Oman

Fire Alarm Jobs, Management, Projects
Salary negotiable
Contract Type:

2 Senior Fire Protection Consultants - Oman

I need one person who holds their 1st degree in Mechanical Engineering but is specialist in fire protection field- they should have 10 years plus experience since graduation
I need one person who holds their 1st degree in Fire Protection Engineering-they should have 10 years plus experience since graduation

Must know NPFA standards
At least one should be very competent in fire protection design, inspection and testing- NICET level 2 or 3 preferred
At least one should be very competent in reviewing life safety requirements and inspecting those requirements
At least one should be able to do CFD modelling
PE licence is a bonus

Important factors are- be in age group where they can easily adapt, better if they are single but if they have family and want to bring them to Oman it will still be single person package, must be familiar with being a consultant and what this entails, if they have already lived overseas or at least moved around in the more than in 1 state it helps with adapting.

Total package will be around 3,600 OMR per month, this is usually given as a breakdown of basic salary plus allowance for housing, car and phone. There is no tax deductions or anything so that amount is what goes to your account and is yours in full to keep, you don’t require to pay any tax on it if you send money back home either.

On joining they will also give 1st month accommodation free, free car rental for 1 month, re-imbursement for up to 2 additional bags, initial flight to Oman.

Ongoing benefits include health insurance, workers compensation group life insurance, one single return ticket to home country per year after the 1st year is completed, 22 working days annual leave days, (plus Oman has approx. 15 working days of public holidays per year on top of that)

OMR currency is very strong against USD, GBP, Euro, Canadian Dollar and AUS and NZ Dollar which creates a good incentive for people to make the move.

It should also be considered that rents in Muscat are half of those in UAE and Qatar so for a lower package on paper you can actually be better off in Oman which is something people don’t always realized.

Next week is a public holiday in Oman for the whole week (if you count weekends that is 10 days off without using a single day of vacation- see living in Oman can be good!!

Please apply ASAP