A Job With Security

There will always be a need for the people who design, install and maintain alarm systems; Security Fire Recruitment UK provides opportunities to further the careers of those who keep us safe.

There are some trades that once flourished, skills that were passed down through generations. Unfortunately progress caught up with them and passed them by. Who now leaves school intending to become a thatcher, cooper, or weaver anymore; the fletcher’s job was doomed from the first time someone put a burning wick to gunpowder! One industry that will always be in demand though is that of security and fire alarms. As long as that demand is there then specialist recruitment consultancy SFR UK will continue to match experienced designers, installers and maintenance engineers with excellent employers in the fire and security alarm industry. SFR UK are one of a very few fire and security recruitment agencies, not only in UK, but around europe.

It has reported by fire brigades all over the UK that emergency call outs to attend blazes has been dropping over the last 10 years. This drop can be attributed to the use of smoke detectors and alarms that have been properly fitted and regularly maintained by professional fire alarm installers. There is no denying the fact that fire safety equipment saves lives.

Without these precautionary measures, hundreds could lose more than just their homes. The cost to businesses altogether each year could run in to the billions of pounds lost. The fire that broke out at the ASOS distribution centre in Barnsley in 2014 is testament to that – they lost £22million, which equates to 20% of their entire stock, the target of an arson attack. They would have lost it all if it hadn’t been for their sprinkler system and more than 60 firefighters and 10 fire engines who attended, alerted by the fire alarm. Nobody wishes to imagine the human cost if there was another tragedy in a packed sports arena, such as was witnessed in Bradford back in 1985.

When it comes to security alarms, although there has been a decline in the volume of retail theft, thanks to the use of security tags and in-store CCTV cameras, it is still, in terms of value of stock lost, at a 10 year high. This is thought to be because more expensive items are being targeted and the emergence of highly organised and efficient criminal gangs stealing in bulk. It is because of this that retail premises are concentrating more and more on state of the art security systems to attempt to foil the thieves and protect their stock. The same can be said for industrial and other commercial property.

Burglary is also a worry for any homeowner. As the thieves are becoming more and more brazen, attacks on the person within the home are becoming more common. These thieves are more often than not deterred if they know there is a proper burglar alarm and security lights fitted to the house.

There will always be work in the fire and security alarm business with the many fire and security companies. Unless manufacturers decide that everything is to be made completely from incombustible materials and people suddenly stop stealing, but both scenarios are highly unlikely. It seems the jobs occupied by those who design, install and maintain fire alarms and security alarms are safe – for now…

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