Fire Alarm Jobs

With demand for professional fire alarm installers outstripping supply perhaps it is time you contacted Security Fire Recruitment UK about a job in this growth industry.

When the economy takes a downturn, as it has done in recent years and could again very soon, some professions are bound to suffer as demand dips, budgets are reassessed and employers tighten their belts accordingly. One business sector that is never affected by the ups and downs of the economy is fire safety.

People are unwillingly to compromise on the safety of their home, possessions and loved ones; this means there will always be a market for smoke and flame detection systems in the home. In the workplace it is illegal not to have an adequate fire alarm system in place when you employ five or more people. Obviously the larger the building, the more complex the fire alarm system needs to be.

As it is a growth industry there is always a great demand for those with the skills and experience to design, install and maintain fire alarm systems. At the moment supply is failing to meet that demand and there are an abundance of opportunities to be had for the right people. Employers are looking for anyone with an electrical background to work towards a certificate in Fire Alarm Installation.

They can take the City and Guilds qualifications up to level three in fire and security alarm systems: Certificate in Knowledge of Electronic Security and Emergency Systems. Armed with the right paperwork means the prospective candidate can have their choice of jobs in fire alarm installation anywhere in the UK.

The rewards are there for the right candidate, with generous remuneration packages on offer and reasonable working hours, plus plenty of chances for overtime. You get to travel and experience a different working environment on every job.

Your duties are many and varied, each situation posing individual challenges. You could be conducting risk assessments and planning fire alarm systems for buildings of all shapes and sizes: from family homes and small retail premises to large offices, public buildings and industrial complexes. You will be mounting control panels, detectors and alarms and wiring them all up; once in place you will be testing them. You will also be testing backup batteries, sirens, detectors, sounders and other components to diagnose any malfunctions before performing maintenance on them.

Most importantly of all, and what you should be proudest of, the work you do in your job as a fire alarm installer could save lives. That is the most rewarding aspect of all.

If you are looking to take your next step in your career in fire alarm installation and maintenance, visit Security Fire Recruitment and give us a call today. SFR is an industry leading recruitment site for fire alarm engineers, maintenance technicians and installation jobs and security alarm engineers, maintenance technicians and installation jobs across the UK.

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